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Ultimate Trading Script
Produced by Unmelted, LLC


This is probably one of the hardest to find topsite scripts on the internet. This script is just like any other topsite script as it ranks sites from the ones who send the most traffic to the least traffic. The major difference is that members do not even have to sign up! This script is so powerful that it will automatically analyze all incoming hits and determine where they are coming from. It can also detect whether your visitors are legit traffic. The script will block sites loading your site in an image tag or iframe tag. You can have your list update automatically however often you please.

- User Friendly Admin Interface
- Autodetects Referers
- Measures Site Productivity (NEW)
- Set Return Ratios (NEW)
- Uses Template Files
- Security measures to prevent cheating
- Very fast, efficient script
- Automaticaly Rank Sites
- Manually Rerank Sites
- Add urls together
- Adjust linkback urls
- Edit, Delete, Ban Sites
- Update numerous pages
- Post Random Referring Sites
- Numerous Update Tags - Adjust Time Zone
- Free Upgrades
Ultimate Topsite Script

When we created this script we worked hard to keep the admin area pleasing to the eye. We also organized the information in a practical manner which allows it to be most convienant for the administrator. One of our main goals was to make the script simple, yet give it many complex characteristics which would allow it to fit any website.

Unlike most topsites this script does not require sites to sign up before they can start sending traffic. The script will automatically count any new traffic and rank them accordingly. The script also allows you to post all sites or only sites which you have manually accepted. In the admin area you can also view the total hits sent from each site for the previous day as well as the current day. You can count unique out hits as well. In the admin area there is also a spot that gives you a graphical represention of your traffic and also predicts how much traffic you will receive for that day.

Site productivity is a way of measuring how good the traffic is from a site referring to you. It measures how active the visitors are from the referring sites. So for instance, if a site sends you a visitor and that visitor clicks on no links, then that visitor is unproductive. Now lets say you receive ten visitors from a site and all ten click at least one link. The referring site's productivity would now be 100%. If out of those ten people only 5 clicked a link, then the site productivity would be 50%. Finally lets say that out of those ten people each person on average clicked 2 links each. The productivity from that site would be 200%. Now you might wonder why this is important. By promoting sites that generate clicks you will have a better chance to further increase your traffic as you will be able to send out more clicks increasing you chances to get more traffic.

Being able to set the return ratio is extremely convient. If you set a return ratio to 100% then the script will attempt to send back the same amount that they send you. If you set the return ratio to 40%, the the script will make sure it at least sends 40% of the traffic they sent to you. If you set the return ratio to 200%, then the script will try to send back twice what they send you. Once the script sees that the actual return (AR) to the site has matched or exceeded the set return (SR) then the script will concentrate on other sites. Site productivity comes into play here because the script will try to fullfill the most productive sites first so that the set return matches or exceeds the actual return. Once the actual return has been met, then the script will concentrate on the next most productive site.

Unlike many scripts which aren't very customable this script allows you to have your site exactly how you want by using template files. Basically the script will read what is on the template file, insert any changes that the script is suppose to do and record those results to the real file that people see. Template files make it very easy update your pages and allows you to keep complete control over your sites design.

We include many security measures to prevent others from trying to cheat you. First off the script records the IP address of your visitors and will only count one hit from each person. This will stop people from reloading your site over and over to increase the hits to put them up on higher ranks. This will also give you a more accurate count on how many people really came from the referring site. The script also has security measures in place to prevent people from loading your script in hidden image tags or iframes or anything else that is not in your control. To do this we have an option which allows you to list sites which can load your script. Any other site trying to load the script will be given a 403 forbidden access error. A great deal of topsites are cheated because they do not have this security measure in place. The only site that should be allowed to load your the script is your site.

This script has been totally rewritten for the purpose of having it perform fast, efficient, and accurate. It will not use much of any CPU resources or memory. You will also not find yourself waiting for things to load as it has been constructed with effieciency in mind.

Have the script automatically rerank your pages every 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 27 minutes, 50 minutes or whatever you want. Simply type in how many minutes to wait before it reranks.

Allows you to rerank the sites by a click of a button without waiting for the automatic updater.

Allows you to add different referring urls and pages together to apply for a ranking for one specific site. Can be used if one site is sending traffic from more than one page or if the are sending traffic from more than one site but wish to have all their hits counted together. The script will remember which sites are added together so you will not have to do it in the future.

By default the script will link back to to wherever the referring site is sending traffic. So if the script is receiving traffic from a site who links to you in one of their frames it will link back to their frame. Not a good thing. This script will allow you to adjust the linkback url so that it points to their main page or where ever you want.

With the edit option you can edit sites titles, or manupulate their in hits. With the delete option you can delete a site that is on your list. It will totally wipe their existence from the log files which if they continue to send hits will allow them to reappear. With the ban option you can ban a site which keeps appearing in your toplist after you tried deleting it. An example may be a search engine which is sending you a great deal of traffic.

This is a very cool option which will allow you to have the script update any pages you wish to have referrers on. Examples could be numerous pages that list referring urls or maybe a webmasters area which shows complete detail about the traffic they sent in and where they are ranked. This can be useful if you do not display the actual traffic they sent in on the main page.

Allows you to post random site who have sent you traffic. You can be more selective with this option and tell it to only choose sites from a specific range.

The script has numerous tags which you can place in your template page. When the script is run it looks for these tags in your template page to decide where it should insert stuff. Things to insert could be referring urls, titles, in hits, out hits, last time updated, random sites, and much more.

Adjust the time zone to your area so that it works off of your clock.

Whenever we come out with newer versions featuring more options all our owners of the script will have access to get free upgrades for three months from the date of purchase. After three months has passed upgrades will be available for a small fee.


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